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(Before or without insurance)


Initial Evaluative Session                                                                   50-60 minutes                      $260.00

Family Medical Psychotherapy Session                                           45-50 minutes                      $210.00

Individual Medical Psychotherapy Session                                      45-50 minutes                      $200.00

Individual Medical Psychotherapy Session (1/2 usual length)      15-20 minutes                      $150.00


Services that are not clinical and are not covered by insurance—most notably MISSED APPOINTMENTS, letters, frequent telephone calls, etc. are charged by the hour. The fee schedule is updated from time to time.  Any changes will be posted four weeks prior to the effective date.




When you make an appointment, please keep in mind that we charge the full private fee (listed above) for any appointment that you make and do not keep—a MISSED APPOINTMENT.  You must cancel two business days prior to the appointment in order to have this fee waived. If you cancel an excessive number of appointments, even with two business day’s notice, you will be limited to same day appointments.  Same day appointments work as follows:  You can call the morning of the date on which you would like to be seen and be given an appointment that same day, if one is available.  Excessive cancellations and missed appointments are expensive for us and for you.  They cause hardship for another patient who loses out on the appointment time that was wasted.  If you have any doubt about your ability to keep or pay for your appointment, please discuss your concerns with Dr. Charlamb and wait to make your next appointment until you are completely ready. Please keep in mind that reminder calls are usually made only one day in advance. We do not have an automated call system, so reminder calls are a courtesy but are not guaranteed.



Prescription Renewals:

Prescriptions will be renewed only during office visits in order that I may review your medical history with you since your last visit, review your treatment progress and goals, and confirm that your current clinical status requires on-going medication as part of your treatment plan.  If you are on ADHD medications which are non-renewable by state law and if you have been clinically stable, you can come in and pick up monthly prescriptions in between quarterly visits at no extra charge.   For your safety, no prescriptions are telephoned into the pharmacy.  If you don’t need a visit yet, but want a prescription, you can stop in between patients and pick up your prescription after I talk with you briefly. There is no charge if you are complying with your treatment plans and coming in regularly for your appointments.


Multiple Psychoactive Drug Providers:

If you are obtaining psychoactive prescription drugs from another doctor, are drinking excessively or are using street drugs while under my care, you will need to agree to discontinue this practice in order to remain in treatment here.  In addition, patients with concomitant substance abuse will need to participate in a substance abuse program.  In certain situations, you may be asked to sign a therapeutic contract agreeing to cease using street or excessively prescribed prescription drugs and pledging that you will attend substance abuse therapy as well.



If you become pregnant while on medication treatment here, you must notify me immediately and you must obtain a written letter of approval from your obstetrician recommending continued use of your medication during your pregnancy in order for me to continue prescribing medications for you.  Such a statement should include the name and dosage of the medications being approved.  You will also need to sign an informed consent acknowledging the unknown risks to your fetus and yourself that you are assuming by continuing your medications during pregnancy.


All patients under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian who must be present for all medical decisions. The patient can choose to spend session time alone, but a guardian must be present in the office during the appointment. We also encourage any young adults to bring a guardian or parent to their appointment, though it is not required. 




All requests for service must be accompanied by full payment of your anticipated deductible or co-pay, or full payment of the entire fee if no insurance coverage is applicable.  You are fully responsible for learning your psychiatric treatment benefits and limitations.  If we cannot adequately confirm your insurance coverage, you will need to pay the full fee.  Major/Master Medical Coverage requires full payment at the time of service.  Payment may be in cash, personal check or credit/debit card.  Please see the Fee Schedule for details.  It is your responsibility to notify us immediately upon change of insurance, employer, marital status, address, phone number, or custody of minor children. If your account runs past 60 days, you must arrange a payment plan in order to continue your treatment without a break.


If you have any billing or financial questions, please call our biller Karen at (231) 942-1600.

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